Diesel Service

Diesel engines are common in fleet vehicles and pickup trucks. The experts at 360 Diesel and Auto Repair use the latest diagnostic tools to ensure your diesel engine is running as it should.

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Computer Diagnostics

When your vehicle’s check engine light shows up, it can be alarming. With a variety of components in your engine, many different things can cause the check engine light to go off.

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Brake Service

Our team is equipped to repair all brake systems. If you've noticed squeaking or grinding in your brakes, bring your car in today!

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Auto Service

Don’t ignore your automobile symptoms any longer. Get your car fixed by the experts at 360 Diesel and Auto Repair!

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Have you noticed your vehicle veering to the left or right? Or perhaps you've noticed your steering wheel has a slight shimmy. These are symptoms of misaligned wheels. Come to our shop for a wheel alignment!

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WE ARE 360 Diesel and Auto Repair


We are a family-owned business delivering honest and professional automotive repair and auto maintenance services to the people of Elizabeth and surrounding areas. The quality ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians at 360 Diesel and Auto Repair employ today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor repairs on foreign and domestic vehicles.


360 Diesel and Auto Repair has been providing quality car care in Elizabeth for years. Our shop’s dedicated technicians use the latest technology.

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Read the most up-to-date advice on how to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. If you have further questions, contact us!

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Our auto repair shops is conveniently located in Elizabeth. Our certified mechanics are equipped to handle all repairs.

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The team at 360 Diesel and Auto Repair appreciates our customers. Check back frequently for the latest promotions and special offers

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The certified mechanics at 360 Diesel and Auto Repair employ today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor auto repair services on foreign and domestic vehicles. Below are some of the many auto repair services that we offer:

General Maintenance

Our team can keep your vehicle in top shape by performing regular preventative maintenance for you.

Exhaust Systems

From the engine to the exhaust pipe, our expert team can work with all parts of the exhaust system.

Air Conditioning Service

If your vehicle needs air conditioning repair, bring it to 360 Diesel and Auto Repair, where we will fix it quickly.

Axle Repair

The axles are an essential part of your vehicle's steering system.

Brake Repair

Brakes are pretty much the most important safety device on your car.

Oil Changes

An important part of routine car maintenance is changing the oil regularly.

Our Benefits

Our team has years of experience working in car repair. Additionally, our technicians have worked on many different vehicle makes and models throughout their years of service in the repair industry.

The team at 360 Diesel and Auto Repair is not only knowledgeable--they are friendly as well. If you have a question about a service we perform on your vehicle or want advice on how to better take care of it, we will help you.

360 Diesel and Auto Repair has the best team in town. The team is also aided in their repair work by the latest technology in the automotive repair business. You can be assured we only use the best equipment in our work.



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